Season 2017-2018 is getting closer but unfortunately we learned from the Service des sports of the city that the dojo will have to move to a new location in Luxembourg city.

Since discussions are still ongoing the information provided below may change in the days/weeks to come.


The current schedule for the aïkido lessons for season 2017-2018 is the following:

  • Adults: Thursday, 20h – 21h, Ecole Fondamentale Merl (152 Rue de Merl, L-2641 Luxembourg)
  • Children: Friday, 19h – 20h, Ecole Fondamentale Gare (17 Rue Michel Welter, L-2730 Luxembourg)

Depending on which location is most appropriate it is possible that eventually both lessons take place in Merl or Gare.


Since we will not get a final confirmation of the schedule before early September in the best-case scenario, and since we will then need to move all the equipment to the new gym rooms, the aïkido lessons will start one week later than they normally do.

The first adults lesson will take place on the 28th of September and the first children lesson on the 29th of September.